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Bo-Camp Urban Outdoor


Enjoying the Campsite is still one of the most popular ways for celebrating your Holiday. Many people like to go out and enjoy the freedom of nature, the fresh air and each other during their camping trip.

The latest trends
Camping means also that you have to take all your equipment with you. To avoid an overloaded car it is necessary to bring compact and functional products to the campsite. Bo-Camp developed a large range of practical solutions. Mostly camping equipment will be used for a couple of weeks and therefore Bo-Camp developed a range which also can be used at home, in the garden or for a picnic in the park. The inspiration for this new collection was found at International Home and living fairs and followed by the latest trends


Functional and style combined
This latest collection consists practical camping and outdoor articles which are basically functional items but with a strong focus on the way it looks. Because of the look many campers also can use these products at home as well. People with small spaces around the house can use these good looking products the whole year around. All products of this range are part of a family with the special characteristics:

-              Compact and practical

-              Natural materials and natural look

-              Characteristic colour palette

-              Nice and stylish finish

-              Natural packing

-              High qualit


The total collection consists:

- Bamboo foldable tables                                             - Sleeping mats and sleeping bags
- Foldable furniture                                                       - Dutch ovens
- Compact lounge chairs for garden and beach       - Cooking pans
- Wireless camping lanterns                                         - Picknick en terraskleden
- Enamel utensils                                                            -  Coffee makers
- Picnic en terrace blankets                                          - Melamine dishes
- Retro cooler box                                                                                                     

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